Wilder/Fury II Reportedly Scores Over 800k PPV Buys

The rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury has brought in PPV buys that have been estimated at around the 800-850k mark.

For as long as it lasted, it was one helluva spectacle and now, with Tyson Fury reinstated as champion, the possibilities for the future of heavyweight boxing are more plentiful than ever.

In contrast to their first meeting, the second outing for these two giants was a much more straightforward affair.

Where the first time around Wilder’s power and Fury’s tactical excellence were the talking points, in the rematch, it was complete and total domination from the Englishman.

Battering the outmatched Bronze Bomber from the first bell until the last, Wilder’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh round when it became undeniably clear that their fighter was in some serious danger.

Fury’s comeback was complete. A stunning tour-de-force in offensive boxing that served as a perfect counterpoint to his more slick and defensive showcase against the very same fighter back in 2018.

Now, with the PPV estimations starting to roll out, it appears as though the event, on whole, was a lucrative one – although one that boasts a performance that was in some ways underwhelming when compared to the expectations of those involved.

According to reports brought in by Mike Coppinger, the matchup between the two managed to rake in an estimated total of 800-850k PPV buys – a number that just about makes the event as a whole a financial success.

As far as the makeup of these figures – there seemed to be a belief that the digitally purchased PPV’s through streaming services overperformed while the traditional cable numbers fell short.

Furthermore, a large presence of pirated streams seemed to detract from the official numbers – meaning that a lot more people actually saw the fight that paid for it.

The bout stands as the most successful heavyweight boxing PPV since the days of Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson’s memorable clash and from the perspective of the modern era of boxing as a whole, the fight stands amongst the biggest blockbusters of the last decade.

Whether the draw will be enough to see the bout run back for a third time is anyone’s guess but if we’re judging things based on the talk emerging from both the business end and Fury’s camp directly after – it does appear as though an all-English matchup with Anthony Joshua will be on the cards before long.

Once that bout reaches its conclusion, heavyweight boxing will once again have an undisputed champion at its peak – restoring some of the order that has eluded the weight-class in recent years.

And whether it is Fury or Joshua who takes home that crown, their name will be likely be promoted to the pantheon of heavyweight greats after this memorable three-way-rivalry (between Fury, Wilder, and Joshua) finally reaches its conclusion.

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