Tony Ferguson's tiramisu war on Khabib

Tony Ferguson is relentless. His trash-talking is not unlike an online meme war between fans of rival fighters. He sticks to a few slogans and repeats them so often that they become a personality trait. One of the slogans he is particularly fond of is “Tiramisu Tuesday” (and the different variations of it).

For those of you who are not in the know, this is in reference to the events leading up to UFC 209, when Tony’s scheduled opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov was hospitalized due to a botched weight cut, on the day before the scheduled weigh-ins. A video of Khabib with a plate of tiramisu (in the days leading up to UFC 209) circulated on the internet, leading many to suggest that his nutrition plan was the reason behind his failed weight cut.

Khabib himself denies having eaten the tiramisu, and claims it was one of his friends’. In any case, Ferguson has since used this as the pillar of his trash talk against Khabib, continuing to bring it up even as fans have moved past it. He recently posted this image on his Instagram story:

If you look into Tony’s social media history, you will see this is merely the latest of many tiramisu-based roastings.

We at MMA Dive fully support Tony Ferguson in his efforts to never cease being Tony Ferguson.

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