Nate Diaz, Master of the Moral Victory

On a night that featured a redemptive middleweight title defense from global superstar Israel Adesanya and a stunning victory to crown the UFC’s first ever Mexican-born champion, it says a lot that the biggest roar of the evening came for a fighter who lost by way of lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Don’t get me wrong, that was one hell of a moment in that fifth round of Edwards vs. Diaz - a moment that took excitement levels to another peak entirely.

Because up until that point, the fight was a pretty straight-forward one - even with the oddities of Nate’s performance.

Leon was precise with his offense, making sure to manage his risks effectively while still dealing out a considerable level of damage - making the technical difference between the two known.

And while the fight didn’t really rise to a high pace for the most part, it was still interesting to see Edwards slowly wilting in that final round - because this has been a trend in his career up until this point.