Video: The Punch That Broke Colby Covington's Jaw

Kamaru Usman managed to break the jaw of his UFC 245 opponent Colby Covington with a beautifully-timed right-hand during their phenomenal five-round showcase.

It was quite easy for a lot of this sport's fans to look at the pressure-intensive, grappling-heavy styles of both of these men and write this contest off as a potential stinker.

We've seen guys with similar approaches clash in the past and the end result is a tepid affair. Thankfully, this did not apply in the slightest to this Fight Of The Night-winning welterweight title fight.

For the entire duration of the fight, these two guys were at their attritive best, trading shots from start-to-finish with very little in the way of regard for their success in the grappling department.

It was an odd and in some ways, unexpected, approach, for sure, as the power and athleticism of Usman was stacked up against the durability and volume of Covington.

And for the vast majority of this matchup, it was very, very difficult to predict the momentum's swing.

When Usman started to turn it up, Colby would somehow find another gear.

When Colby started to find his target, Usman would fire back with a massive shot and turn the tide.

One such shot was enough to break the jaw of his divisive adversary and thanks to the good people pulling the strings at the UFC's broadcast team, we were able to view the exact shot that did the damage shortly after.

Watch the welterweight champion's powerful right-hand below:

With everything seemingly left to fight for going into the fifth-round, for a time, it did seem as though Covington was the one who was capable of finding that extra gear as the fight entered its final couple of minutes.

However, once again, Usman's power was able to be the defining factor as he began to turn the heat up - catching Colby clean and knocking him down twice before finishing with some ground-and-pound.

Usman, with this win - the first defense of his championship belt - moves to 16-1 as a professional and 11-0 in the UFC, edging closer to the legendary Georges St-Pierre's record for most consecutive welterweight victories.

Covington had managed to rub quite a few people up the wrong way over the course of both the lead-up to this fight and during his overall time in the UFC as a whole and once the bout had been called, he was quick to leave the arena.

In the direct aftermath of the fight, he let his frustrations at the stoppage - calling out referee Marc Goddard by name while accusing the victor Usman of cheating.

It's hard to know if the fight will be run back instantly but during his own post-fight media scrum, UFC president Dana White admitted that he likes the idea of matching Colby up with Tyron Woodley while expressing enthusiasm about a contest between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal.