Floyd Mayweather teases un-retirement

No one can deny Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s ability to generate interest and hype. Whether it’s fighting a 0-0 fighter with no amateur or professional boxing experience, or holding a farcical exhibition bout against a 125lbs (57kg) Japanese adolescent, we always pay attention to what Floyd is doing (and pay money to watch it).

On Instagram, Floyd teased his plans to “[come] out of retirement” in 2020:

This is not really much of an announcement, seeing as Floyd has long been in a state of semi-retirement; always willing to come back for one fight if the price is right. But this next post put the fight media into full speculation mode:

Floyd says “[Dana White] and I working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020.” Now, we know Floyd will never set foot inside the octagon, which leaves two possibilities: either this is yet another empty Floyd Mayweather tease, or perhaps there is a real chance that Floyd gets involved in Dana White’s long-promised Zuffa Boxing promotion.

Either way, before any papers are actually signed, we should know not to hold our breath on any Floyd-related rumors.