Did Dana White Reveal UFC's 2020 Plans?

"We'll see what happens" is probably UFC president Dana White's favorite line when pressed about the promotion's future plans. Dana and the UFC like to keep (most) things under wraps until they have finalized the details.

TSN's Aaron Bronsteter, however, was able to take advantage of White's gambling bug and get him to lower his guard and give his take on betting odds surrounding UFC plans for 2020.

Here's a clip:

Here are the main takeaways from the interview:

  • Conor will likely be Khabib's next fight after Tony Ferguson (assuming Khabib wins)

  • The UFC is interested in a Brock Lesnar vs Jones/DC

  • Zuffa Boxing will likely debut this year

  • GSP will stay retired

  • Men's flyweight will stay

  • The UFC will likely ride the gravy train and Masvidal's next fight will be a BMF title 'defense'

  • Both Diaz brothers are out of the picture in 2020

  • Floyd Mayweather will not fight in the UFC

  • Anderson Silva will return

Of course none of these projections are set in stone and Dana, being a master promoter, may just be teasing us (although he did look like he gave some serious thought while answering some of them). Tease or not, the mouth-watering potential fixtures leave fans with a lot to look forward to this year.