Daniel Cormier offers some MMA advice to Alex Pereira

Daniel Cormier, the former two-division UFC champion, believes that Alex Pereira needs to be more cautious with MMA gloves after his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 287. In the headliner held in Miami, Adesanya knocked out Pereira to reclaim his belt.

Pereira, a decorated kickboxer and former two-division Glory Kickboxing champion, had fast-tracked to a UFC title shot thanks to his successful transition to MMA. His history with Adesanya in kickboxing further boosted his reputation as a fighter.

Cormier acknowledged that Pereira had a good start in the fight against Adesanya, demonstrating that he could compete with him in a hypothetical rubber match. However, he thinks that Pereira's loss was a result of being too reckless with the comparatively smaller four-ounce gloves used in MMA. Cormier noted that Pereira hurt Adesanya with leg kicks and backed him up against the cage with a flurry in Round 2. But Adesanya took advantage of Pereira's reckless moment and delivered the decisive knockout blow.

"If he does get another shot, no one can complain. It's going to be a rematch of some sort because Izzy was so dominant for so long. But I think Alex will grow from this. He will learn from this. He will learn that he cannot take the risk, when he has somebody hurt, as recklessly with four-ounce gloves," Cormier said in his YouTube channel.

While it is unclear what the future of the UFC middleweight division will hold, interest in a rubber match between Adesanya and Pereira is certainly high, given the fighters' history and rivalry.

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