Conor McGregor hearkens back to "Mystic Mac" days, predicts knockout vs. Poirier

It had been a while since we got a “Mystic Mac”-style prediction from former UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. But it seems the Irish star has a very specific prediction as to what will transpire at UFC 257 when he faces off against Dustin Poirier.

“I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds,” said McGregor.

A few years ago, as McGregor was fighting his way up the UFC featherweight rankings, he made a name for himself with eerily specific predictions that more often than not, came to fruition.

However, this streak ended when his prediction of beating Nate Diaz via choke was inverted on himself (it was Diaz, not McGregor, who got the choke and the tap).

Nonetheless, we will see in just under two weeks whether his latest prediction will come to pass, as UFC 257 will be held in Abu Dhabi on January 23rd.