Chael Sonnen Advises Francis Ngannou to Call Dana White and Get His Act Together

Former UFC and Bellator fighter, Chael Sonnen, has some advice for Francis Ngannou, who he thinks needs to get his act together if he wants to succeed in the world of MMA. Speaking to MMA Junkie Radio, Sonnen expressed his concern about Ngannou's lack of understanding about the business side of the sport.

"Francis did a show yesterday with a gentleman who is kind of a business show (host)," Sonnen said. "The guy was breaking it down, and he was asking Francis some very basic questions about the business of MMA. Francis, he looked like a deer in the headlights. He didn’t have the foggiest idea how to respond."

Ngannou, who recently became a free agent, is seemingly unsure of his next move, and Sonnen thinks he needs to have an epiphany soon. According to Sonnen, Ngannou needs to understand that knocking out three guys in a row does not automatically translate to financial success in the MMA world.

Sonnen believes that Ngannou needs to "wake up" and call UFC President Dana White to figure out his next steps. With limited opponent options, Ngannou needs to start making moves if he wants to make money in the MMA world.

"He's already telling somebody, 'I’m on the free market. Bid a whole bunch of money for me. By the way, I’ve got a bad knee.' Nobody in the world… no coach looks at a guy who is hurt and old and pays him a bigger check. It’s a really weird situation. I want him to get it figured out. I don’t say it to tease him. Time is ticking. Everyday he’s not signed, he’s losing."

Ngannou's April Fool's Day Joke

Ngannou recently became the subject of an April Fool's Day joke by Tyson Fury, who claimed that he and Ngannou would be fighting in Wembley on May 15. Although it was just a joke, Sonnen believes that it shows how much Ngannou's life has been affected by his current situation.

"His whole life is different because he thought he was going to make up a sport and do it with a guy who is now using it as an April Fool’s joke. What ever has happened here? He’s got to get some cold water."

Final Thoughts

Sonnen's advice to Ngannou is simple: call Dana White and get his act together. With limited opponent options and a lack of understanding about the business side of the sport, Ngannou needs to start making moves if he wants to succeed in the MMA world. Time is ticking, and every day that passes without a signed contract is a day lost.

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