Henry Cejudo Plays Matchmaker, Wants McGregor vs Gaethje

Henry Cejudo, who is booked to fight Jose Aldo in May at UFC 250, took time out of his busy Twitter schedule to call out Conor McGregor on behalf of his friend Justin Gaethje.

“So I’m sitting here watching the UFC fights with my boy Justin Gaethje,” Cejudo said. “And I’m just dumbfounded a little bit, because we’re talking about Conor McGregor. Yeah, that man that likes to sucker-punch the elderly. Yeah, that man that does terrorist attacks in our country. And he thinks he can get the next title fight with Khabib.

“But I know Khabib. Khabib’s a man of honor and integrity. Everything that you’re not, he is. But I got somebody that you could fight to eventually fight for that title that you want. If not, you can stick to the ‘BMF.’ So I have a message for you, or better yet we’ll let Justin Gaethje give the message for you.”

Cejudo campaigning for this fight comes to not surprise as both he and Gaethje are managed by Dominance MMA. Others in the MMA community; however, have also suggest that if McGregor wants to prove himself worthy of another shot at the 155-title, Justin Gaethje is the man to beat.

Gaethje is known for his all-out assault style that will certainly test Conor:

Conor is fresh off a win after a three-fight losing streak and is started to generate positive hype once again. Whether the UFC wants to risk bringing their cash-cow to slaughter versus a hungry Justin Gaethe remains to be seen.

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