Dana White on potential Roy Jones vs. Anderson Silva fight: ‘I don’t do the old guy stuff’

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. did get the attention of UFC president Dana White. However, White insists that he is not intent on getting in the old legends fighting business.

“What I truly believe is that the fight business is for young guys,” White told reporters backstage after the conclusion UFC on ESPN 18. “It’s not for old guys.”

Roy Jones Jr., of course, has long expressed his desire to fight an exhibition boxing match against UFC legend Anderson Silva.

However, White insists that “that kind of stuff doesn’t interest” him. “I want to see these [young] guys fight and I want to know who is the baddest mother [expletive] in the world in every division.”

White stated that both Silva and Jones “had [their] day” but that their time has passed. “These young guys that you saw fight tonight are the future … and this is what I’m interested in,” White said. “I don’t do the ‘old guy’ stuff.”

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