A Henry Cejudo Christmas

Henry Cejudo has released yet another self-promotional video, this time arguing his case for Fighter of the Year.

Cejudo alludes to, among other things, “[saving] a whole division from dying,” in reference to his win over TJ Dillashaw in their flyweight title fight. (In the leadup to that fight, Dillashaw openly talked about how he could effectively shut down the flyweight division with a win over Cejudo.)

Cejudo concluded his monologue by addressing the “fat, balding, depressing, depressing-looking, wannabe MMA analysts,” declaring: “The cringe mafia wants to take all the gold. And one last thing: Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.”

It is unclear whether Triple C is self-aware, or if these uncomfortable videos are actually made with complete sincerity. His allusions to the “cringe mafia” suggest the former, but for all we know, he may be saying this in reaction to the mockery he received from fans after his first wave of trash talk videos.

The pro wrestling style cheese is not for everyone, but it certainly is… interesting.

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