Jon Jones Baffled By Dominick Reyes Trash-Talk

Jon Jones was left slightly baffled by his UFC 247 opponent Dominick Reyes’ verbal attacks ahead of their light-heavyweight title clash this weekend.

The pair have been relatively cordial, for the most part – a far cry from some of the more volatile dynamics that have existed between Jones and his rivals in the past.

That being said, there’s no denying that the champ has been in some way dismissive of the challenger’s attempts to get under his skin during the event’s buildup.

Reyes, who is making his UFC PPV headlining debut this weekend, has admittedly taken some interesting shots at Jones since their first meeting at the show’s pre-fight press conference a few weeks back.

Telling Jones that he has never fought an athlete of his calibre or, oddly enough, a fighter with his Mexican blood, has been enough to earn ‘The Devastator’ his fair share of ridicule but according to Jon himself, these outlandish comments are simply a means of pumping himself up ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

“I think he’s reaching. My job is just to call him out on his silly comments. When a guy is just hanging onto these wild ideas to pump himself up. My job is to take his ideas away and send him into the fight with nothing.

“It’s easy to do that cause when you say things like ‘Weidman beat Anderson and I beat Weidman – this is going to give me the magic I need’. What are you talking about? Silly sh*t like that.

“Or ‘you haven’t fought an athlete’ or ‘you haven’t fought a Latino’ – like it’s about race. What are you talking about dude? It’s about skillsets. I’ve fought guys from all over the world – different ethnicities, different cultures behind them and it has made no difference.

“He’s just silly. He’s reaching for anything he can find. Let him have it.”

Jones will, of course, enter this contest as the heavy betting favourite and as you would expect, he will be looking to put the memories of his tightly-contested showdown with Thiago Santos at UFC 239 to bed once and for all.

Reyes has been seen as one of the first ‘next generation’ fighters that the champ has faced – in a run that saw him best each and every one of the contenders to his throne up until this point.

It’s an intriguing angle for sure and as we all know, upsets of gargantuan proportions happen all the time in this sport.

Whether we manage to see one of the biggest twists of all-time is anyone’s guess at this stage.

Thankfully, we are now just a matter of hours away from seeing exactly how these two match up once the octagon doors close.

Our official prediction for Jones vs. Reyes can be read in full here.

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