Coach Hails Covington’s Response To UFC 245 Setback

American Top Team’s Dan Lambert has hailed Colby Covington’s attitude in the wake of his UFC 245 loss to Kamaru Usman.

The fight itself was an incredible display of heart and determination on both sides – with each man coming through with several memorable moments over the course of the bout’s 24-minute duration.

And while Usman was the one who was able to take control of and eventually finish the fight towards the end, Covington – who broke his jaw in the second-round, gave him all he could handle as long as things were underway.

Of course, the bout had some built-in controversy as the late stoppage recorded by The Nigerian Nightmare came under some scrutiny from those who contested that Colby was still working to a sufficient level – enough to see the bout continue.

With this victory, Usman takes home with him another signature win, of course, but also, a rivalry that will likely be run back at a later date if Covington can continue to carve out the level of momentum that originally led him to a title-shot.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMAFighting, Lambert gave insight into the manner in which Colby has been handling this defeat – giving him credit for his attitude and desire to get back in there.

“He is a 10 out of 10 as far as what I would hope his mindset would be after a fight like that. He wants to get right back in. He wants to get right back into training.

“He wants to get back into training as soon as he’s ready health-wise. He wants to get back and prove that he’s the best.”

Given Colby’s status as one of the most divisive fighters on the UFC roster – and perhaps in the history of the sport – it was always going to be interesting to note how he bounced back.

And while it’s too early to judge how to Chaos, the character, will be affected by this setback but based on word from his coach, his head is well and truly in the right place as he looks to rebuild.

“You never know how a fighter’s going to respond to something like that. When I first talked to him, I had my concerns cause you just never know.

“I could not have scripted his response any better than what I heard from him. He’s 1,000 percent positive, 1,000 percent motivated. He’s ready to go. He didn’t lose one piece of confidence in himself.”

As for the fight itself, Lambert expressed his delight at what was a pair of gritty and memorable performances from both men – citing the fact that each of their respective stocks had grown in the wake of the instant-classic.

“It was a hell of a fight. Both those guys, I think both their stock went up after a fight like that, which is typically something you don’t say after a fight.

“Both guys proved they had balls of steel and cardio for days. I give credit to both of them.”

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